Alpha Taekwondo and Fitness is dedicated to the personal development of each student. Whether it be development physically through exercise and training, or development with confidence and dicipline, we strive to give each student our all and to give them as fulfiling of an experience as we can. We have a wide variety of students from all different backgrounds, lifestyles, and ages so each student will fit in to our diverse group. Alpha Taekwondo, under the instruction of Master Kelly Hamel, help to offer a physical and mental get-away for students and provide them with experiences fostering their own personal development. Alpha Taekwondo is family friendly and we welcome parents along with their children to class. We have a very helpful and friendly environment and function more as a family than a business. 

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that dates back almost four thousdand years. It is not only a fighting sport and way to keep oneself physically fit and active, but also a way to develop oneself mentally. In Taekwndo we strive to develop complete mind and body control through proper training, and to learn important virtues such a dicipline, respect, loyalty, and dedication. Taekwondo is an unarmed martial art but we here at Alpha Taekwondo mix certain aspects of other martial arts such as Hapkido, One Step Sparring, and Haidong Gumdo into our curriculum. We also train with knife/weapon defenses and the long staff known as the Bong Sool.